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Teenagers in the 1950s and ‘60s turned Elvis Presley into an icon as his shaking hips and snarling lips sent rock ‘n’ roll shockwaves around the world. His emergence on the scene represented a seismic shift in the culture wars over race, sex and class. The story of Elvis lies at the heart of a struggle that gives birth to a new form of music, rock ‘n’ roll, and an America that is forever changed.

Understanding the Elvis phenomenon, and his impact on the world, requires going back to his origins in rural Tupelo, Mississippi where he grew up as one of the poorest boys in town. What happened here set the stage for him to become the star that still shines brightly today.

Our story traces the Elvis saga from his birth during the depths of the Depression, to his move to Memphis, to his formative high school years, through his early struggles to launch a music career and wraps up with his triumphant homecoming concert in 1956, on the same stage where he’d lost a talent contest eleven years earlier. It’s a little known story that while inextricably linked to an era and a place still resonates today. Buy the DVD

Watch the Trailer of Elvis: Return to Tupelo

DVD Extras from Elvis: Return to Tupelo

The DVD Elvis: Return to Tupelo contains the following DVD features.

  • Elvis Week/Elvis Festival
  • Alamo Girls
  • Sun Records Line Up
  • Elvis Meets Bill Monroe
  • D. J. Fontana: Elvis on TV
  • Sneaking Into the Fair
  • Memories of the Colonel
  • George Klein Remembers the Coach
  • June Juanico: First Date
  • Dixie Locke Emmons: First Date
  • Magdalene Morgan’s Christmas Gift
  • Mike Freeman: Owning Elvis’ House
  • Debunking the Myth that Elvis Was a Racist
  • Elvis Enters the Army
  • Elvis Leaves the Army
  • Elvis Gets Married
  • Tupelo Tornado
  • "Washington Merry-Go-Round" Elvis Controversy
Previews of DVD Special Features

Elvis Week / Elvis Festival Preview

Elvis Week / Elvis Festival Cont. (Tupelo)

Reviews of Elvis: Return to Tupelo

"The extras are fun and some are a real good addition to the documentary itself... My only conclusion can be that this is one of the best documentaries on Elvis I have ever seen, if not the best. Go get it!" --Elvis News

"Think you've already seen all there is to see of Elvis Presley? Think again. This riveting documentary, produced by Michael Rose and narrated by Kris Kristofferson, details the King's early life as a Mississippi pauper. Return to Tupelo traces Elvis' days from birth, through his struggles, climaxing with a 1956 homecoming concert. Bonus features are well worth watching." --Redwood City Daily News & Palo Alto Daily News

"The conclusion is simple, a very good documentary about Elvis without any unnecessary bizarre re-arranged stories like we still hear and read today. . . . The research to me seems excellent and well presented" --Elvis Express Radio

"For the first time ever, all these facts are portrayed in such a detailed and interesting way!" --Elvis Matters

"Our conclusion is that this is one of the best documentaries on Elvis we have ever seen, if not the best"
--Bud Glass (Author and Elvis Memorabilia Collector)

"Michael Rose’s film delves into Elvis’ childhood, giving the audience the chance to experience Elvis growing up in Tupelo and ends with his homecoming concert. . . . The fulfillment of a dream. I hope everyone will be as pleased with the end result as I am." --Elvis Presley Scrapbook: Piers Beagley interviews Roy Turner,

"Michael Rose has done a magnificent job in providing a glimpse of Elvis’ childhood and shining a light on the city and situations that shaped a legend. Elvis: Return to Tupelo may very well be the best film about Elvis Presley yet made." --Christel Loar, Pop Matters

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Air Dates

This 90-minute special will premiere on the bio Channel (A&E’s spinoff of its long running Biography series) Thursday, September 11 at 9 PM EST and repeats again at 1 AM EST. The show will also air Sunday, September 21 at 1 PM EST.

For addtional air dates for Elvis: Return to Tupelo, please check back here.

About the Filmmakers

Michael Rose heads up his own boutique production company that specializes in programming for television. He has directed, written, and or produced over two hundred shows that have aired around the world.

He discovered the story about Elvis’s early years while shooting a program on the Natchez Trace that took him through Tupelo. He immediately felt that, however improbable, this was an Elvis story that hadn’t been told and that this was the key to really understanding his character, influence and staying power.

Rose’s work has won numerous awards over the years including an Emmy, two Cine Golden Eagles, several educational film awards and he’s had his films screened at international film festivals.

He holds a master's degree in motion picture and film production from the UCLA Film School and a bachelor's degree in history, also from UCLA.

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